Digital Marketing Case Study: The Importance of Strategic Partnerships

As a leading Apurbo It Services digital marketing company, Colibri Digital Marketing knows what it takes to create and develop a digital brand for a very specific Apurbo It Services market. We've learned to underestimate the power of fast networking and the value that can be found in building strategic partnerships.

In this Digital Marketing Case Study, we will describe how strategic partnerships can be used to promote a brand's social media, increase website traffic, and increase targeted leads. We show that our agency has developed a strategy that secures highly targeted leads for global Apurbo It Services brands, which are then converted into sales and allow clients to meet their marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Case Study


The client is an inspirational speaker based in Apurbo It Services who create events and workshops with high-profile speakers and industry leaders. The client has an online course. Working in a saturated industry, the strategy for selling client event tickets and online courses is largely based on networking and word of mouth, but in the growing digital world, these marketing strategies are becoming more difficult and more valuable than ever before.

The problem

When clients contacted us, they had a very small digital marketing presence. There was no system in place to track the results of their various marketing efforts or to track their analytical data in general. They recently signed up for an email service that could provide automated workflows, tracking tools, and analytics, but they were unsure about how to use the programs.

With a little understanding of digital marketing, clients are faced with the challenge of having to sell a large number of tickets for an upcoming event in a short period of time. In addition, they wanted an event date with the launch of an online course and hoped to sell admission to the course. Since local partnerships and word-of-mouth techniques were used in addition to previous events, clients wanted to move to digital marketing to achieve their sales goals.

Digital marketing strategies for lead capture and strategic partnerships

The following four-prong strategy was developed to help clients meet their goals and allow them to gain additional long-term benefits and brand awareness.

Strategic partnership

Our first step was to establish a strategic partnership with a high-profile speaker who would be our guest of honor at the event. While Speaker is not in agreement to promote the event on social media, we have set up a correspondence with the author to secure the promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prior to signing our service agreement, the client was hesitant to ask the speaker to promote social media for the event. With our networking skills, we've been able to take advantage of the partnership between client and speaker as a promotional tool for other elements of our strategy.

We want to emphasize the importance of strategic partnerships in implementing our digital marketing strategies. The location of the speaker is important for the promotion of the client's brand and is still free. However, the partnership needs to be established in such a way that it does not bother the speaker to feel that they are being taken advantage of. Our solution was to highlight the benefits that speakers will receive by assisting in the campaign and to make them feel valued and respected.

As the strategic partnership was secured, our next step was to create a lead capture and sales strategy.

Lead capture

Instead of simply asking the strategic partner to promote event ticket sales, which would only serve as a short-term goal, we decided that a lead capture strategy would be more effective because we could market leads beyond a single social media post. To capture the leads, a much-desired incentive was needed.

Brands have many lead capture incentives - ebooks, tutorials, webinars, etc. But we decided that ticketing for the event would be best suited for this lead capture strategy as it would promote the event and create a buzz. The gift can also be used to increase the client's social media number.

Social media

We've used a social media app that allows you to host a giveaway on a client's Facebook page. It encouraged participants to "like" the Facebook page and enter their email addresses.

Giveaway promotions include posting gifts on clients 'social media accounts, posting gifts on clients' newsletters and on their websites, and most importantly, asking strategic partners to post gift links on their Facebook page.

The result? Our clients have instant ticket sales, an increase of 6,000 followers on Facebook, and over 7,500 email leads - all in one day.

Email automation

Capturing leads and securing an excellent bump among social media followers, our final step was to implement a number of email workflows that would gift participants through a sales funnel. Upon entering the gift, participants received an automated thank you email that also offers a small discount on event tickets that were exclusive to gift participants.

Over the next few weeks, a number of automated emails were sent to leads in the email workflow, promoting the event and persuading people to claim a limited-time discount offer. As such, tickets for hundreds of events were sold out.

After the gift-giving stopped and the winners were announced, the client must retain the lead and social media followers gained during the giveaway campaign. This has allowed our lead and social media followers to continue marketing the event.

Tracking results and analysis

During this time we have been able to track the number of event tickets and online course admissions for leads we have sold using tracking and analytics programs provided by the email service. We've been able to use our insights on Facebook insights and page data analysis to monitor the growth of activity and engagement on a client's Facebook page.

The results

What you see above reflects a fully developed digital marketing strategy that takes a four-pronged approach to help our clients successfully meet their sales goals. As an Apurbo It Services digital marketing agency, we have a team of experts at our disposal that enables us to create powerful strategies that cover a wide range of areas of digital marketing.

The long-term results we envisioned for our clients have proven to be successful Through this single digital marketing strategy, we have achieved the following results for our clients:

70% of the overall event ticket sales target came from lead capture strategy

More than 5 thousand Facebook followers have increased Growth of more than 7,000 email leads

A successful course launch, most of the courses have been sold to captured leads during the giveaway promotion.

A significant increase in website traffic, leading to an increase in the number of leads and Facebook followers and their engagement with client newsletters and Facebook posts.

Increase the overall brand exposure of the client

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