What Is Marketing Project Management - Importance of Project Management in Marketing

Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Management

If you’re confused about what exactly marketing project managers do, don’t be! This short

introduction will leave you feeling much less confused. Marketing Project Management

includes managing marketing projects and campaigns and ensuring the successful completion

of those specific projects. A Marketing Project manager specializes in the skills mentioned above,

namely planning, managing & completing marketing

projects and campaigns. For this, they need first to identify the specific tasks required to complete

the project and then assign responsibility to each team member for a specific task.

This then establishes the Marketing Project Manager in a position of supervision since they

have to administer projects and people both. Though Marketing Project Managers typically work

in offices, they may sometimes work remotely and can be attached with large or small agencies and


Duties & Responsibilities of a Marketing Project Manager 

As a Marketing Project Manager, there are many responsibilities and duties that have to be taken on.

Following are ones that are most common in the field of Marketing Project Management: 

Overseeing and leading projects

A Marketing Project Manager has to supervise and lead projects by researching, coming up with ideas,

implementing, debriefing, and ensuring the completion of projects. 

Working with Marketing Directors 

It is a Marketing Project Manager’s job to work with the marketing director and bring their vision for

the project to reality.  This is done by implementing the strategies by assigning specific tasks to

maximize outcomes for the related project or campaign.  

Collaborating with writers and graphic designers

It is most important for Marketing Project Managers to collaborate and curate good relationships

with writers and designers for any project. Advertising is the most significant thing in any campaign,

so hiring skilled writers and designers is crucial. 

Creating and Managing Content Calendars 

A content calendar helps keep track of when content is scheduled to go up and other important details.

A content calendar is thus essential for any marketing campaign, and it is the Marketing Project

Manager’s job is to create and manage content calendars to make certain that all tasks are managed

on time, and all content is completed when it is due. 

Creating budgets and timelines for projects 

This is another responsibility that is a part of Marketing Project Management, and it includes creating

the budget required for marketing projects and campaigns. Creating timelines for the project is also

essential, and making sure everyone meets the timeline is something that the Marketing Project

Manager has to do. 

Maintaining strong relationships with external vendors

Marketing Project Managers must ensure strong relationships with external vendors since many

marketing campaigns involve external vendors. So, Marketing Project Managers must maintain

these relationships that could aid the marketing campaign in any beneficial way.  

Making sure customers are satisfied with the proposed marketing campaigns

Though this is an obvious part of Marketing Project Management, it may sometimes be overlooked.

Ensuring the satisfaction of customers and clients is ultimately the most important thing. 

What are the skills required to qualify as a

Marketing Project Manager?

Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Managers must have a combination of both soft & technical skills that will help them

succeed at their job. They must possess sufficient knowledge and be highly skilled when it comes

to Project Management and Marketing. Below are some of the skills that are most important when it

comes to Marketing Project Management: 

Strong Communication skills

For a Marketing Project Manager, this skill is a MUST. Since Marketing Project Managers have to

manage projects, campaigns, stakeholders, and team members, it is of utmost importance that they

accurately communicate all the goals, tasks, and strategies to each person. The course of action should

be communicated effectively and clearly to everyone involved in the project. Without that, the project

might not even be completed on time or in the manner it was supposed to be. Having strong

communication skills becomes even more important to ensure everyone is on the same page when

working remotely. 

Time Management skills

 With Marketing Project Management, knowing how to manage your time is extremely important.

If there are too many missed deadlines, it is highly possible that the project won’t be completed.

Staying on top of the game, ensuring the meeting of deadlines, and monitoring progress all come

under effective time management skills, which is a must-have for any Marketing Project Manager. 

Analytical skills

This is a skill that is necessary for any successful project or marketing campaign. This includes

researching relevant keywords for a client, understanding marketing analytics & prioritizing resources

that will lead to a successful outcome for a client. 

Organizational skills

The key to being a successful Marketing Project Manager is having good organizational skills.

There is so much to manage that being organized is the only way to ensure the project & assigned

tasks are completed. As Marketing Project Manager, organizational skills help to implement strategies

and achieving goals. 

Decision-making skills

Marketing Project Managers sometimes need to make quick, informed decisions and prioritize tasks

and projects while juggling high-pressure situations and deadlines. Thus, making good decisions is

vital when it comes to Marketing Project Management. 

Problem-solving skills

This one may seem obvious but is a very crucial aspect of Marketing Project Management.

Having an eye for possible problems that may arise is very important because then that issue would

be solved before it becomes anything big. This means as Marketing Project Manager; it is necessary

to be aware of everything that is going on and have a plan for if things don’t go as expected. 

Educational Qualifications of a Marketing Project Manager 

This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing

Communications, or Journalism. These degrees usually equip students with the skills to pursue a

career in Marketing Project Management. Additionally, some employers require a few years of work

experience in management and marketing. Many online websites also offer courses regarding project

management that can allow individuals to get online classes from reputed universities.

Different types of Marketing Project Managers

Marketing Project Managers

Marketing Project Managers work a large range of roles in different companies and businesses.

Below are some of the most common Marketing Project Manager roles: 

Project Manager working in a marketing agency

Those working as Project Managers in marketing agencies have to ensure that tasks are submitted to

clients in a timely manner and according to the assigned budget. They work with freelancers, vendors,

clients, and team members. They have to provide tasks, set deadlines for those tasks, meet with clients,

and manage the budget. 

In-house Marketing Project Manager

Individuals with this role work with companies and have to look out for marketing strategies and goals.

They work majorly with the communications department, freelancers, and vendors. 

Marketing Program Manager

Those working as a Marketing Program Manager supervise marketing projects while at the same time

keeping track of the success of the project per the objectives of the company. 

International Marketing Project Manager

They design, manage and plan projects abroad. They have a good grasp of international markets and

the profits they provide. They work with marketing teams in other countries. 

Digital Marketing Project Manager

They plan and supervise projects that are intended to increase traffic and create leads. For this purpose,

they manage social media accounts, work with copywriters and design teams, and make video


Importance of Project Management in Marketing

With the changing world, many now believe that most work will soon become project-based.

For that reason, the demand for Marketing Project Managers is growing. Today, many businesses

and companies make use of project management tools to ensure a successful business outcome.

Project Management is thus crucial in marketing, and here are some reasons why: 

Project Planning

This is part of every marketing campaign, and those in marketing use project management tools to

devise better plans and timelines. For this purpose, they use tools such as advertisement campaigns,

digital marketing, direct marketing, etc. With the use of these project management tools, marketing

campaigns have a higher chance of being successful. 

Coming up with a clear strategy 

Marketing requires more than just advertising the products you’re selling; it requires having a clear

strategy, managing tasks, and delegating work to team members. These are some of the tools often

employed in Marketing Project Management, which combine project management and marketing


Tracking costs and budgeting

This is an important part of project management and is used by Marketing Project Managers to stay

on track and avoid overspending on one project. Proper budgeting is hence a very significant part

of marketing and project management. 

Return on Investment Analysis

Every marketing campaign requires generating a profit for the company. Recognizing and pinning

down the most converting marketing campaign can be hard if there is a lack of proper project

management. Project management tools assist marketers in analyzing and assessing converting

and non-converting campaigns which can aid them in evaluating what must be accomplished to

boost sales. Project management, therefore, goes hand in hand with marketing. 

Managing Tasks

This is a major aspect of project management, and it requires ensuring the efficient completion of all

tasks. If there is a lack of proper management, marketing campaigns will not get the traffic required. 

These points make it obvious that project management is critical for the growth of a business.

By employing marketing tactics through effective management, any company can boost its sales and

be successful in its campaigns. 

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