How To Learn app programming and Launch Your App in 3 Months

How To Learn app programming

Today we will know How To Learn app programming. And how to become an app programmer will be discussed in detail, let's get started.

Smartphones are here to stay and we can predict that they won’t go anywhere for at least two decades. Following this, we can claim that there will be high reliance on mobile apps for managing daily work, entertainment, business, health monitoring, etc.

Starting learning coding is easy. You do not have to travel miles to get training. With flexible time and minimal cost, you can now learn the code at your convenience. There are many online resources that can be used to learn code learning, offer certifications and programs that can take you into the world of app development. Here is a list of the best for you (free and paid).

How long does it actually take to learn to program?

Someone You do, please don't google "How long does it take to become to program? Like I did. You’ll only be discouraged by people who give the good correct answer, I’ve been programming for 6 years and I’m still learning a lot, or If you do one lesson every day, it will take about two years. This is a major problem that keeps me from learning to programming.

I always thought, Two years !? I can definitely find a good co-founder in that time!

While it’s true that you’re constantly learning new things in programming, it won’t take you two years to learn enough to create the program or app you’re trying to release.

During the process of doing the tutorials and making mistakes, I spent about 7 hours a day in programming (I still had a part-time job when I graduated from school at the moment). In six hours every day, I created and launched my iOS app in three months. If you want to take a look, the result is (fortunately, the previous musician's promotion effort means I already want to work on some music.)

I'm just going through it.

Understanding tutorials and basics

Having no previous programming knowledge, I had no idea how to do something. I didn't even know where to write the code, or how to put an app on my iPhone.

Luckily, I found a great website that teaches newbies iOS programming - code with Chris. You can do the first few lessons for free to see if this is right for you. Since I had no money, I persuaded my parents to pay for the course, and I found it extremely helpful.

You can see some more resources here for learning programming. Some are free, some are paid:

  • Codecademy
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Khan Academy
  • Various YouTube videos

Make sure you choose a course that is for beginners, not experienced programmers. These programs will teach you super basic beginner things that can sometimes be hard to figure out.

If you are learning iOS programming, I recommend coding with Chris. It’s not free, but the videos make things really easy to follow and he’s done a great job explaining things in a way that is understandable to non-technical people.

What to do during the course

During the course, it is very important that you actually write the code. If you’re following a series of YouTube videos, don’t watch the videos that you collect information and take notes, then go back and code. It won't work. It has been proven that people learn much faster by mistake.

You have to follow and write the code yourself. When you do this, you will find that sometimes it doesn't work, even if the code looks like a tutorial or some of the code you wrote earlier in the tutorial is no longer working. It is very important that you make mistakes like this and go through them.

Most people are discouraged when they encounter a mistake that they cannot solve. When you encounter programming errors, stack overflow is your best friend. As an apprentice, you will probably turn to anything related to Google related to programming issues to the links on this site, with amazing answers that will be extremely helpful to you. Don't be afraid to be specific about the issues you're bringing to Google.

Cultivate through the course as quickly as possible. Maybe you’re moving closer to the end and you still have no idea what you’re doing. All right. At the end of a good tutorial, you will have a better idea of the process you have to go through to create something.

What to do after the course

After a programming course, most people will encourage you to start with small programs. If you take your programming course you will create some small, effective programs, I will discourage it. Making small programs in the interest of programming is going to bother you.

Alternatively, I would encourage you to start building parts of your concept. What I mean by that is, if your app has multiple features, take each feature one by one and build them into a separate program.

Your unique idea is the first reason you start learning the program, and that's the passion for you - your passion will take you through the experience much faster over time. Preparing you to learn something. I didn’t spend too much time programming my app every day because I had to spend time learning; I did it because I was so keen to build it. I was excited about it.

Starting the parts of your concept right after the tutorial, you will immediately face a very big problem and it will speed up the learning process. You’ll also see your ideas come together in real life and play with the thing you’ve been dreaming about for so long. It’s wonderful, and that’s how keeps you going.

3 websites to how to learn app programming at your own pace

3 websites to how to learn app programming

1. Udemy

Founded in 2012, Udemy is one of the best platforms for learning and improving your Android and iOS app development skills. Learning resources for the courses are available in video, PPT, audio, PDF, and live classes. You may either start learning from scratch or improve your mobile development skills with some trending technologies like Kotlin, Reactive Local, Swift, Ionic, and much more.

In addition to this, Udemi also offers a good grip on programming languages which can make mobile coding much easier. For example, you can learn Java, Node.JS, Python, C #, and other object-oriented programming languages that are a must start with mobile app development. When all the lectures in a course, including the exercises, are finished, Udemy presents a certificate of course completion for you.

Available: Web

2. Lynda

Lynda has been providing high-quality video tutorials on business, software, and creative domains since 1997. This online education system is last by LinkedIn. With all the educational resources provided only by industry experts, Lynda helps access courses in different languages such as English, German, Spanish and French.

When accessing mobile app development courses on this platform, you can filter by their skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), software, author, company, subject, etc., Graphics, and audio, which makes the overall learning experience interesting. Before enrolling in the Android and iOS development course at Lynda, you can watch a glimpse of it for 30 days.

Available: Web

3. Tree House

Launched in 2021, Tree House provides a platform for learning code, creating apps, and starting a business. Development training is provided at the beginner and advanced levels. Tutorials include videos, quizzes, and code challenges for a practical understanding of concepts. You can start with a 7-day free trial first, then subscribe to any of the two plans: Basic and Pro.

Tech degree programs for developers:

If you are new to Android or iOS app development, you should enroll in Tree House's Tekdri program. It is specifically designed for students who want to learn and prepare for entry-level development jobs. Depending on your interests, you can choose from six skills: Android, iOS, full-stack JavaScript, Python, Java, and front-end development.

Available: Web

Don’t do the same mistakes I did; they literally held me back by many years. Just can be started on learning as soon as possible—your emotion will carry you through.

Don’t stop!

So that’s it. But remember – it’s just a beginning! I hope that this article will do your getting started with Android app development work easier. Good luck!

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