Basics of Programming Language For Beginners

Programming Language

Today we will talk about Basics of Programming Language which will be very helpful for beginners. Let's get started.

A computer program is a special type of language writing signal that is arranged in such a way that the computer

Hardware can easily understand exactly how to do a job. Python is one of the most popular in the world today

Programming language. This is because of the different aspects of programming such as program coding, compilation, application and

Python programming is simpler than other languages in terms of various fields like utilization etc.

The use of the Python program as a primary step in education is worldwide. Computer programming as a primary subject of education.

Python programs are taught to students around the world.

State Computer Program and Programming

Addition of essential points in the present paragraph for those who are new to computer programming.

Done. So that it is easy for them to grasp the unknown information related to programming.

Program: An instruction set program used by a computer to solve a problem

Says programming software. General programs include computer instruction, planning, design, data analysis, and testing

Is meant.

Program Programming: Programming is the process of solving problems through a computer in a specific process

(Programming) says. Programming in computer terms is a series of instructions for solving a problem

Refers to sorting techniques. Any specific problem can be easily solved in a short time through programming. That's why

You have to know any language of the computer. The Python program is a computer language

Programs can be created through computers.

Interpretation and types of programming

Explain Programming Language and Its Classification

Programming Language: To solve any problem by computer we use different
The language that is created using a type of program or software is called a programming language. Such
Some of the programming languages   are FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, Foxpro, Oracle, SQL, C, C ++,
C #, Java, Prolog, Lisp etc.

Types of Programming Language: Types of Programming Language are as follows:

  • Programming Language

  • Low-Level Language

  • High-Level Language

  • Machine Language

  • Assembly Language
 Machine language: The language of the computer machine is called machine language or et de defend the inferior language. The main components of machine language are binary digits 0 and 1. It is a very difficult and time-consuming language. Moreover, computers made by many companies do not support this language. So do not create any program directly in this language of any program. 

Here are the advantages of programs in machine language:

Although composting programs in machine language is complex, there are several advantages to using this language. For example, by practicing this language, it is possible to gain an idea about the internal organization of computers.

Since computers can understand binary language directly, programs created in that language require the least amount of computer time.

To execute

Disadvantages of writing programs in machine language: Writing programs in machine language is very complex and time-consuming, so ordinary users are not accustomed to writing programs in this language. Disadvantages of using this language are:

Programming is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

Written programs for one type of machine cannot be used for another type of machine.

It is essential to have an idea of the organization of the computer to write the program.

Assembly Language: Language that can be directly understood by computers or similar devices is called inferior language which is also called assembly language. Being the main material of this language. Mnemonic words like ADD, SUB, MOV, LOAD, etc. are included in this category of Assembly Language.

Advantages of composting programs in assembly language:

Programming Language

Although composting programs in assembly language is a bit complicated, there are several advantages to using this language. E.g.

  • Programs written in this language are efficient and concise.
  • Memory address details are not required. 
  • The amount of errors in program design is less.

Difficulties in composting programs in assembly language:

Since composing a program in assembly language is quite complex and time-consuming, ordinary users have to program in this language.

Not accustomed to writing. The difficulties in using this language are

* Writing a program requires knowing the internal organization of the machine.

* Written programs for one type of machine cannot be used for another type of machine.

* Translator requires program assembler to execute the program

High-Level Language: This is an English Like language, where one has to have a clear idea about the internal organization of a computer. In this case, he is not needed. Features or Benefits of Ada, C ++ High-Level Language:

There is no need to use symbols. People who work in machine or low-level or assembly language

This category includes Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, etc.

Programs written in a high-level language can be used on any computer. It is easier for anyone to learn a higher language than a lower one.

A high-level language program can be written quickly d. Instead of four / five instructions in a low-level language, only one sentence can be written in a high-level language.

It is easy to correct mistakes in high-level language writing programs. F. Many library activities exist in high-level programs.

 You don't have to think about hardware when creating programs. H. Due to the large scope of work, the program is relatively small.

Disadvantages of High-Level Language:

Before writing a program, one has to know the structure of this language.

You need to know the syntax of each of the high-level language commands used to create the program.

 Converting this language to machine language requires a compiler which is quite expensive.

(4) Mid-Level Languages: C / C ++, FORTH, JAVA, Lisp etc.

, Which includes both High-Level Language and Low-Level Language features. So

They are also called mid-level languages.


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