What is the best way to get an SEO client that is not in my city?

SEO client

Have you heard any good things about cold e-mail before? I don’t know about you, but I ignore them, and block the sender - especially if it’s another SEO company!

First, small towns can be great for local SEO - it’s easier for you, cheaper for clients and often they can see a difference very quickly (less competition). I will start contacting local businesses about your business and see if anyone is interested. Maybe try attending a local business meeting, or if not, try getting started. Don’t make it about sales, make it about convincing business owners about what SEO is. Eliminate any myths. Show examples of really good white-hat SEO, link-income, content marketing, etc., when they know a little, the potential and most importantly they believe you know what you're doing, if you don't I won't be surprised to get any leads

For larger cities in your area, I would adopt a similar strategy but expect more competition. Start by doing business breakfast, local business meetings, and chatting with people in your industry. Make some connections between your industry and others. Don’t be afraid to talk to another agency like yours - I’ve got a lot of clients from the agency who know and trust my work because they don’t have the capacity, or the client doesn’t have $ 5000 to spend a month and they refer them to me.

Try and talk at a local SEO event if you can, or again, when you make some connections in that city with other SEOs, get started yourself. Most SEOs will be happy to talk. It's also a great branding practice for your business - "I think we need to look at some SEO now - who was that brilliant SEO guy we heard talking about at the event? "

Invite non-SEO businesses who want to learn and as an organizer, you will have the opportunity to talk to those potential clients. Another good way is to find an agency that teams up with web designers and their SEO providers for their clients. The chances of getting a client in your personal meeting are much higher, where you can show your knowledge and understanding as long as you send a cool email.

You need to create a list of businesses that can grow online and then notice the same business owners how you can grow their business through SEO. That way, you'll get local clients. In addition to Pizza Hut or Domino, there are plenty of pizza owners who can also deliver pizza at home. So, you can pitch such clients.

To get clients from big cities (for which there is more competition than clients from small towns), you must target keywords like "Hire Seo company", Hire company for online marketing ", hire freelancers for SEO, etc."

Apart from this, you can create your freelancer account in Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc.

If you remember your target cities, you can create useful, ranking content by revolving around relevant keywords. You can reach your target audience in other cities through digital media such as email and social platforms. Another way to get clients from other cities is to host online events like webinars to increase your brand's visibility in the region.

How to get local SEO clients?

Local SEO

The best way to get local SEO clients is:

Attentive local networking and other business-based events. Be nice, introduce yourself, talk about them and their business, not about yourself and hand them your business card and tell them that if you let them do local SEO you will give them a nice discount. If they are your first clients, I suggest you do their local SEO for free in exchange for recommendations and maybe they also want to mention their friends who need local SEO.

Just Google Leverage. One or more niches that you want to specialize in and Google those niches in your area, for example, Plumber, New York City. Contact them on the phone because email doesn't close many leads and invite them over for coffee at your local Starbucks so you can personally explain the many benefits offered to them.

The next way to get local SEO clients. Just ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors if they or someone they know can use your services.

Facebook group. Become a member of a local Facebook business group and gain trust and authority with regular free SEO advice. You can post an open invitation so that anyone who wants free local SEO advice can contact you.

Start a joint venture with web design agencies, if you can help web design agencies earn extra revenue by selling your local SEO services, most of them are willing to take the initiative with you.

Contact past employers or employers of your friends and relatives so they will know you or your relatives so there will be an instant report on which you can agree to do their local SEO.

Another way to get local SEO clients is to put together a beautiful flyer and walk a long way and deliver your flyers to local business owners, you can tell them you live in the same area, so most of them will instantly trust you. The next time you go to the dentist, bar, restaurant, or hairdresser, hand them over to your flyer.

You can use all of the above methods to get your local clients but the most important advice is: Be a teacher, not a salesperson.

Educate your clients on how your services and local SEO, in general, can greatly benefit their business. By educating your prospects you will gain their trust much easier and faster when you try to sell their services.

In a nutshell: Keep your marketing efforts local and be friends, not sellers, when dealing with local marketing efforts.

  1. Create your website (SEO Friendly), add it to Google My Business.
  2. Add local keywords (matching local search terms) to the content.
  3. Find local websites that are not on the top 5 to 10 pages of SERP, create a database.
  4. Email them and explain to them what SEO is and why?
  5. Contact them directly with an appointment.
  6. Notice the different verticals between you and your experts.

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